Thursday, June 11, 2009

real madrid is back!!

tranfer season now is back on track!!
my favorite club real madrid now has extremely buy a lot world class player such as Kaka,mayb Ronaldo?ermm..that a good sign for Real madrid journey to success.First player will arrive at Santiago Bernabue is the best player of the World 2008

the magnificient KAKA

that da first man in Real madrid..but were still waiting another player will join real madrid,,ermm..guess what??will ronaldo come to Spanish league and become the one of the star like the other such as Zizou,Figo,David Beckham?we will see..and i think he will join!!

Ronaldo will join Real Madrid

but Perez will not satisfied only 2 best player join his club..he bid a lot player like Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich),David Villa and Silva (Valencia),Xabi Alonso (Liverpool)...but i'm afraid that real madrid will be same like last season?errmm..that answer will be reveal when Spanish league start and i hope real madrid will be differnt from last season



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