Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tranformers is back to save the world

revenge of the fallen

helo guys...we meet again and this time my favorite movies release after we are waitng for so long..ermmm..what else will be..jeng3 transformer!!i'm waiting almost 2 year to know what will be to optimus and its all revealed one by one.hihihi
by the way i got honour to see the premier show on 23 jun..that the best moment in my life to wacth premier is the quick recap on this movies..duration this movies was 2hour 27 minute and very quite long like other movies...but u will eonjoy it from begining untill last..action non stop and exicitng..and i'm sure 100% that this film will continue in 2 year
erm....that my photo during transformers function

i'm with optimus prime?

optimus prime malay version

were come to save the world!

wanna fight?



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